Grid 2 graphic tweaks


Here are some simple tips that you will help you run Grid 2 in better conditions.

From “options”, select “graphics options”, “choose preset”, leave this option to high, enter the “video mode” options, select the resolution and set fullscreen as “on”, “multisampling”, set this to 8 x MSAA (it won’t consume too many resources anyway), “aspect ratio”, leave it to “auto”.

Turn “Vsync” to “on”.

Go back and start a race, see how the game is moving. If is not smooth, set from “choose preset”, an inferior option (“medium”).

To tweak the presets, you can enter the “quality-advanced” option.

On my system, I3 – 3 GHz, 8 GB ram DDR 3, ATI Radeon HD 5670 (1 GB RAM, DDR 3), Grid 2 runs perfect on “Ultra” preset, only having the “shadows” option to medium, “advanced fog” to off and “anisotropic filtering” to low.

These three options are consuming the most resources. If you want to tweak the graphics, you should start from here.

How is the game working out on your system? Don’t forget to mention your specs so other users can make an idea.