Grobbulus Priest Deck for Heroic


With a two weeks delay, here is the Priest deck for Grobbulus, heroic.

Grobbulus and Thadius can be considered the hardest bosses from the third wing of Curse of Naxxramas.

This priest deck is abusing the old mechanics with buffing cards with Inner Fire and Divine Spirit. Here we have 2x Mogu’shan Warden and 2x Lightwell.

These are the key cards for this fight.

Other than that, 2x Neruabian Egg is not bad. You get a free 4×4 but also Grobbulus gets a 2×2.

Shadow Word: Death is great vs the two slimes that are getting buffed.

Temple Enforcer and Ragnaros are great as finishers. Ragnaros mostly.

However, the card that can make the difference is Tinkmaster Overspark (the gnome legendary). If at turn 3, Grobbulus has a powerful card on the board and you manage to make it a 1×1, you are in control.

Northshire Cleric is great to draw cards on turn 2.

Overall, a very hard fight but doable with this deck.