Hearthstone hunter deck strategy, good cards


I really like the hunter deck because it’s based on overrunning your opponent, is based on beasts and is promoting an aggressive playstyle.

The beasts can form a strong attack/defence, early in the game, with a small mana cost.

You get in trouble when you can’t manage to overrun the opponent because of lack of small mana cost cards or if the enemy has a cards that do AOE damage. A mage had a +4 damage on all cards and wiped like 6 of my cards while he had none on the board.

First thing to do.

Create your hunter deck. Go to “My collection” > new deck > select the hunter icon and start to add cards. Complete your deck with normal cards.

My deck consist of cards that cost 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 mana. Only a card that costs 6 and one for 7 mana.

My cards are mainly beasts and other cards that add combo bonuses for my beasts. For example the “Houndmaster” card that gives 2/2 and taunt to a beast.

Other great cards:

“Hunter’s Mark”, great vs. top end cards and sometimes in mid game. It’s changing an enemy card’s health to 1.

“Kill Command”, you need to craft it. Great vs. enemy hero because it deals 5 damage which means aggression.

“Multi-Shot”, deals 3 damage to two cards. Awesome card.

“Explosive-Trap”, deals 2 damage to all enemy cards, including the hero. Sometimes can turn the game around. It’s a “secret” card. Also can be crafted.

These are my best hunter cards and you should get 2x for each of them.

Taunt cards:

This overrunning playstyle goes well with taunt. I got 5 cards that have taunt. 1 x 1 mana cost, 2 x 3 mana cost and 2 x 5 mana cost. Also 2 cards that give taunt to beasts and another 2 cards that can summon a random beast that might be a beast with taunt (card name “Animal Companion”).

The strategy is to have as many cards on the board and try to overrun the opponent. The hero ability (2 damage to the enemy hero) is also a great tool for this playstyle.

All I said works for games between beginners that don’t have too many rare or any epic, legendary cards.

If you have a strategy to share or anything, leave in the comments.