How to play Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012), Easydrive?


The easiest way to play Need for Speed Most Wanted is to use the “Easydrive” option.

While being in-game, press the numpad 6 key to expand the menu. You can navigate using the 8 (up), 2 (down), 4 (left) and 6 (right) numpad keys. You can pick races from here, change cars, customize cars etc. To exit this feature, press the numpad 4 key a few times.

There is no need to press the escape or the “tab” key in order to start a race or start the GPS. Check the video to see how is done.

A few useful tips.

To go fullscreen, press the ALT+Enter keys.

For advanced tweaking, there is an .ini file from where you can disable the Vsync option that will fix the framerate drops.
Go to “My Documents\Criterion Games\Need for Speed Most Wanted”, look for the file named “config.NFS13Save”, open it with Notepad, change the “FitToVertical=true” option to “false”.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

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