Kel’Thuzad Paladin Deck for Heroic


A pretty basic deck with three legendaries, Ragnaros and Tirion. And Tinkmaster Overspark which is great in a paladin deck since you might get a 5/5 from a 1/1 soldier.

The truth is, I’ve got full use of Ragnaros and Tirion. They made the difference in defeating Kel’Thuzad.

Other than that, pretty basic cards.

We have 2x Sunfury Protector + 2x Ancient Watcher. The usual Equality + Consecration, Aldor Peacekeeper, Guardian of Kings.

There is a combo. We got Sword of Justice + Echoing Ooze + one Blessing of Kings.


A few tips.

When Kel’thuzan loses his armor, he will change his hero ability and summon two 5/5 minions. (I hope I’m not mistaking about those 5/5).

Use the big cards, Ragnaros and Tirion, only if you also have at least a small card on the board. Kel’Thuzad’s hero ability will get a random minion of yours that is on the board. You don’t want to give him a big card.

The Mind Control Tech works great when Kel’Thuzad summons his two spiders. You might get one.

After you have beaten all the bosses in Naxxramas, on heroic, you will get a fancy green card back.