Koyuki’s Godlike Paladin deck


This is quite the best deck I’ve played in Hearthstone.

It is very strong against many decks, zoo, giants or miracle rogue.

It is very reliable since you have so many absolute removals, Equality + Consecration or Wild Pyromancer + Equality.

Four cards that can almost disable cards: Aldor Peacekeeer and Humility.

There are some situations when the enemy has a strong board presence. For example a 4/7 Injured Blademaster from a Priest. It can be disabled if you give it 1 attack.

And there is the combo with 1 attack + Stampeding Kodo.

There is enough heal and card draw because of the two Azure Drakes, one Acolyte of Pain and a Hammer of Wrath. And let’s not forget, the Lay on Hands.

There are even enough taunts, five if we include Tirion.

The downside is that it requires some good cards, if you don’t have all of them, it might not work that great.

The deck belongs to Koyuki, twitch.tv/koyuki0.