League of Legends starting champions explained


Ache – frost hunter (ranged). Just like Trax from DotA, she has pretty much the same abilities. Quite noob friendly. Easy to play but boring overall.

Brand – fire mage (ranged). Easy to play. He has just fire spells.

Garen – warrior (melee). Doesn’t have mana. The abilities have cooldown so you can just use them when they are ready, without any concern. Not very difficult to play but not as easy as a ranged class. This is probably the easiest starting melee champion.

Jinx – gunner (ranged). Jinx seems to be the easiest champion to play for beginners and the easiest from the starting champions. She has strong ranged abilities, fast attacks, can score easy kills.

Lux – mage (ranged). Very difficult to play at the start of the game. Fragile champion. Can become very powerful in late game with all her stuns and ranged spells.

Master Yi – assassin (melee). Fragile aggresive hero. Quite similar to the juggernaut hero from DotA. Can kill enemies if he catches them alone. Very deadly if he is geared enough.
But pretty hard to play by new players.

Riven – strong fighter (melee). Stronger than Master Yi. Has no mana, just like Garen. Works with life steal. Moderate difficulty.

Ryze – AOE mage (ranged). This champion has only AOE lightning spells. Pretty easy to play.

Varus – dark ranger (ranged). This champion is using a crossbow, pretty much the same gameplay as Ache, only that he has some sort of attacks imbued with dark magic.

Wukong – agility champion (melee). Seems like the Phantom Lancer hero from DotA. Quite hard to play for beginners.

At level 6, you will get other heroes and tre old ones will become unavailable.