Metro Last Light stuck after intro, no menu?

Posted on May 14 2013

If you try to launch Metro Last Light and it gets stuck after the intro video and no menu appears, simply use Control+Alt+Delete and kill the process (the game).

Launch the game again, it will pop up a message saying that the game failed to launch the first time and it will now start in safe mode. Click ok and start the game, it should not get stuck again and it should display the menu. You can now click “new game”, adjust the settings etc.

Notice that if you have more than a monitor, the game might get stuck if the second or both have their image gone (black screens). In “safe mode”, both screen should display as normal.

After you start the game in safe mode, it should start like this always, no need to worry about the game getting stuck anymore.


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6 Responses to “Metro Last Light stuck after intro, no menu?”

  1. Braden Dodge

    May 24. 2013

    Safe mode? What are you talking about? There is no Safe Mode!

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  2. Braden Dodge

    May 24. 2013

    All I get is the same screen and i get stuck there.

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  3. Ozan

    May 27. 2013

    i get this eror after inrto music and video

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  4. dugi

    Aug 18. 2013

    Thanks, it worked after doing that.

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  5. Adam

    Sep 17. 2013

    I have the same problem which Ozan has : / Can someone help us ? :(

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  6. Hjszg

    May 29. 2014

    Just end the process and then open up the game again and it will work 100%

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