Most op class and card in Hearthstone?


Priest and Mind Control. There is no doubt.

That’s why at “Master” rank, around 70% of the games are against priests. A priest will win the game if you have run out of cards and you didn’t killed him yet.

They can survive by destroying every single one of your minions that you put on the board with cards that deal damage. And at 8/8 mana, they take one of your minion that is on the board with the “Mind Control” card. The most op card in the game.

This is forcing players to play only with 5 mana cards because more powerful cards will auto-destroy them just because of “Mind Control”.

What Blizzard could do is to nerf Mind Control so it will steal a card but that card will auto-destroy after 1 round. Or the stolen card will auto-change into a 3/3 card or something. Mind Control cannot be compared with Hex or Hunter’s Mark or Polymorph because it’s just turning the game in favor of the priest, 90% of the time they win the game because of Mind Control which is too powerful for one card. And it’s not about luck here.

What do you think?