Naxxramas Third wing Twitch stream


Will be streaming the third wing from Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas when it will get unlocked, in about two hours.

Until then, some noob League of Legends play.

Instructor Razuvious was quite easy, just had to heal a lot with my Paladin deck. I’ve used Koyuki’s deck from here.

Gothik the Harvester has some interesting mechanics and can defeat you quite easily if you play the wrong deck. I switched to a warlock deck that buffs minions. Plus the Hellfire helped. This is the deck.


The Four Horsemen was a very easy fight. I also used Koyuki’s paladin deck. The easiest fight from all three.

You can check the stream. Has all the three fights from the third wing (on normal), and the two class fights.

This is the recorded stream. Naxxramas starts at 1:10:18.