NFS Most Wanted Ultimate Speed Pack DLC is available


EA has released “Ultimate Speed Pack”, a DLC for the latest Need for Speed Most Wanted. The DLC costs 9,99$ and is available for all the gaming platforms, PC, PS3 and Xbox.

Here is what the DLC contains:

– five new exotic cars, “one of the fastest from the world”.

– 25 new races and speed runs.

– Hennessey Venom GT Spyder Most Wanted list event.

– more than 70 speed-themed Car Milestones.

– four new achievements and trophies.

To get the DLC for PC, go to

For Xbox, check the Xbox marketplace.

For PS3, from PSN, follow these steps:

1. Select “Games”.
2. Select “PS3 Add-Ons”.
3. Select “New PS3 Add-Ons.
4. Highlight the Need For Speed Most Wanted Ultimate Speed Pack Add-On.
5. Add to cart.

NFS Most Wanted Lamborghini cabrio