A quick fix for the crashes is to switch from fullscreen to windowed mode.

And when you pass a point where your game was crashing, switch to fullscreen back so you can fully enjoy the game.

From options > video > display mode > switch to “windowed”.

Resume the game and try again.

I’ve done this after the game has crashed after the cutscene where

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How to sprint slide?

In the tooltip you see: “Run forward and press Left Shift + Left Control to sprint slide.

The tooltip is actually wrong.

What you need to do is to sprint with W+Left Shift and when you reach that hole, you instantly hit the left Control (CTRL).

When you hit the Control button, take your fingers from W and Left Shift.

The idea is

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These are the graphic tweaks for optimal performance.

Display Mode: Fullscreen.

Monitor: 1.

Resolution: default.

Vertical Sync: disabled. I’ve noticed that the game works better with this option being disabled.

FOV: turn it to 100. If it’s set lower, the textures will appear with delay when you turn around. Even if you set it to 100, it

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Wolfenstein – The new Order: 20 May 2014. (First person shooter, developed by Bethesda).

Transistor: 20 May 2014. (RPG-indie, developed by SuperGiant Games, the devs of Bastion).

Tropico 5: 23 May 2014. (City builder).

Stronghold Crusader 2: 2014. (medieval-RTS, developed by Firefly).

Alien: Isolation: 7 October 2014 (a sequel for the movie from 1979, the

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This is the deck that brought Artosis the victories against Kripparrian at Blizzcon 2013, the Hearthstone tournament.

It is a very aggressive deck with two Avenging Wrath, two Argent Commander cards, the basic combo: two Equality and two Consecration.

It has just one legendary card, Tirion Fordring.

Mostly, it’s a strong early-mid game deck with buffing the cards

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This is the promo trainer for Running with Rifles from Cheathappens.

It contains just one cheat which seems valuable: “Unlimited Grenades”.

You can download the trainer from here, it has 461 kb.

How to use it?

Launch the trainer > launch the game > press “F1″ in the main menu.

Press: Numpad 2: it gives Unlimited Grenades.


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This is the basic murloc rush deck.

What you need is all the common, rare and epic murloc cards.

Once you get/craft all, the legendary murloc card will be added to your collection.

Other than that, you just need some basic warlock cards and some common neutral cards.

Sometimes you will have to play control, meaning that you will still kill what the opponent has on

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This is a promo trainer for Men of War Assault Squad 2 from cheathappens.com.

It has just one cheat, “Add MP Points – adds 1 point”.

Download the trainer from here. It has 500 kb.

How to use it?

Unzip the archive > launch the trainer > launch the game > press F1 in the main menu. You should hear a sound that is saying

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We have a video that is showing some Risen 3 gameplay. The commentary is in German.

Details taken from the video:

– This will be the last game from the Risen series. It is possible that the next game to be a new Gothic.

– The player will have complete freedom in Risen 3. He can get anywhere, something like we have in the TES games.

– We have a

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This is an old version of Power Auras Classic. It dates from Cataclysm but still works perfect.

You might get some errors from time to time but you can get rid of them by relogging.

Download old Power Auras Classic from here.

What’s the deal with this version?

After Cataclysm, this addons was modified and some functions worked different.

It can be

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