How to get Ascension / Master runes?

Click on your Sage’s Tower > relics. You should see some options like Ascension Rune *1000 / *10000.
And also Master Rune *1000 and *10000.

To get these runes, you will need Forge runes for Ascension runes and Ascension runes for Master runes.

Forge runes? You usually can get those from special events like ATOM (Alliance

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Chris Metzen is the Senior Vice President at Blizzard Entertainment.

He also seems to sing, pretty well.

This is from the Starcraft 2 Jukebox from inside the game.

The Jukebox can be found in Joeyray’s Bar or the Hyperion’s Cantina.

“I believe Bourbon Cowboys are a fictional band based on what the game credits say for this song. It was sung by

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Dreamhack Bucharest 2014 has started today, 26 April.

The event takes place on 26 and 27 April at Sala Polivalenta in Bucharest, Romania.

Here is the live stream on, steamed by (Romanian e-sport promoter).

The commentators are Kripparrian and Frodan, the same hosts from ESGN Fight Night.

You can check the program here:

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This is the free trainer for Dark Souls 2, from cheathappens (

It has just one cheat: “Numpad 4: Unlimited Item Use”.

You can download the trainer from here: link (fast mirror).

How to use it?

“Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.
Listen for

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Dark Souls 2 has native support for controllers.

It means that when you plug any controller into your USB port (from your PC), the controller should work without any further settings and tweaks.

If your controller doesn’t work like that, you can use “Joytokey” (a free software).

This free software will allow you to keybind buttons onto your

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Dark Souls 2 is flawless regarding the optimization. The game works perfect even on older PCs.

To tweak the graphics:

Go to “Video” > choose “Full Screen”, the default resolution for your monitor, Auto-detect best rendering settings: “on”.

From the second tab, set “Change all settings” to high, and start the game.


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We have the first video teaser for Risen 3: Titan Lords.

A comment from YouTube that states the truth about this video:

“Shinny armour… big blades… attacking monsters that vanish in shadows..
I really hope this is not trying to be the next dark souls/skyrim/dragon age/generic terrible fantasy rpg that sells very well but has no soul at all.

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Table of content:

1. What spec to use.

2. How to gear up and what items to use.

3. What abilities to use / keybinds.

4. Macros.

5. What poisons to use.

6. Basic openers.

1. What spec to use?

If you check the pvp ladders from the official WoW website, you will notice that almost all high rated rogues are Subtlety. From what I heard, this

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First of all, you need just one weapon to transmog two. Example: 1 old dagger can be used to transmog 2 new daggers, you don’t need two old daggers for two new daggers.

List with transmog gear:

Trial of the Crusader

Blade of the Silver Disciple – a very animated dagger.


Emerald Ripper – from an old wallpaper with a possible

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Ethereal Soul-Trader is a TCG card. You might find it in Auction House for 40-300k gold.

When you kill an enemy, real player or mob, the pet will create a purple lightning that will flow from the enemy. That is basically the reason why you should get this pet.

It works in battlegrounds and world pvp.

For real players, if they hit the release button (after they died), the

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