How to change the main weapons (swords)? Press 1/2/3 from your keyboard. An option is for swords, one for those attached daggers and one for fists.

How to select the second weapons/tools (pistols/smoke bomb etc)? You can use mouse scroll up and down.

Always run without having to keep shift pressed? Check this article.

Skip cutscenes? You can’t.

Gold and

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1. It has no story, no background, no characters. Even a small intro with a few characters would have been interesting and appealing to gamers than nothing, you just get to see tutorials, see point 2.

2. Tutorials and cutscenes that can’t be skipped. What is more annoying that wanting to race and having to watch tutorials. In NFS Rivals it goes like this: start the game >

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Simple answer: no.

You don’t have to build an Academy in your second or third city in order to get the bonuses from your researches.

You can test this by building a level 9 Vault in your second city > press the resources tab bar > notice that you have “Protection Limit: 1.80m”. Both in your first and second city if you have level 9 Vaults in both

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To build a new city, you need 100 relics.

Assuming that you already have gathered 100 relics, go to your Sage’s Tower (from your first city), click on “Relics”, “second city” or “third city” > “claim”.

Now you need to conquer a plain. Go for a plain that is located near your main city. A trick: get a plain a bit to the right

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The game is locked by default at 30 frames/second.

You can start the game and play it at 60 FPS by adding this code to your NFS shortcut > target “-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60″. It will be something like “E:\Installed Games\NFS Rivals\NFS14.exe-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60″.

The problem is that NFS Rivals becomes unplayable at 60 FPS because the speed will also

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Screen Resolution: leave it as default.

Motion Blur: it won’t affect the performance. Leave it on if it doesn’t bother you.

Lightning quality: turn it to “low”. This option is one of the biggest resource demanders. It’s the option for “shadows”. If you increase it, the shadow quality to different objects will demand more hardware power,

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There is no key for autorun in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (to always run, not having to press “shift”).

All you can do is to reassign the “shift” key to something else.

I’ve tried to reassign it to “space”, “q” or “e” but all seem to be even more uncomfortable to press than “shift”.


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Resolution: leave it as default.

Environment quality: high.

Texture quality: high.

Anti-aliasing quality: off. This option will kill your PC if you set it to maximum. With “off”, it looks more natural than with the next option, “FXAA”. I would recommend using “off”. This graphic option is the biggest resource demanders.


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Value means when a card performs great and you get an advantage from using it. Here are some examples:

The enemy uses 2 spells to kill one of your minions. Or he kills 2 of his minions from the board to kill just one minion of yours.

Other example: “Flare” from the hunter deck. When you use Flare on a secret, that is value because you make your enemy waste one card

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In order to become a mage, you need to join the monastery. It’s very easy to join, you need to let your character to be captured by the inquisition followers. These followers are near the gates of the harbour town and near some ruins. Anyway, it’s really easy to pop into them.

At the monastery, you need to finish all the tests given by the masters. All tests are pretty

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