There are currently two modes in Hearthstone, “constructed” and “arena”.

Constructed means that you play with classes, from the “play” button.

You can build your deck from class/neutral cards. From there goes the term “constructed”.

There are many streamers on Twitch that are having on their stream title:

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Some of the videos from Blizzcon 2013 are available for free.

The videos are those that were streamed for free on Twitch. There are mostly WoW / Starcraft 2 / Hearthstone competitions and the opening ceremony of the event.

To watch them for free, head to this page. You need to be logged into your account.

The quality is HD, 720p.

The other videos that

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Lena Headey is indeed the voice actor for Patty in Risen 1. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, know that she is playing Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Check out her Imdb page and search for “risen”.

I was replaying Risen 1 as a mage and noticed Patty’s voice. Since Risen 1 was released in 2009 and Game of Thrones in 2011, I guess many gamers

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The eight players that have participate and the quarterfinals results:

Reckful (winner)

Kripparrian (winner)

Trump (winner)

Artosis (winner)


Kripparrian (winner)

Artosis (winner)


Artosis (winner)

It was an

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The beta profile from has been updated and now we have a new option: “Heroes of the Storm”, along the old ones for Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Hearthstone.

The desktop client doesn’t have any section for the new MOBA game, is still early, but don’t forget to sign up from your account > beta profile settings.


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Finally made it to level 50.

Level 50 is not the level cap, we still gain experience when playing after reaching 50. I guess that the new cap is level 60.

The next golden card from level 51 is “Golden Core Hound”, from the Neutral deck.

The hero doesn’t receive any fancy icon. Blizzard has said that this addition will be implemented in the

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As I was saying in this post regarding Twitch, I was wrong. Twitch is banning all streamers that are trying to stream Blizzcon from their end.

Blizzard took the streaming more serious this year and they actually have an official stream on Twitch, here. Only that it’s showing some e-sport competitions.

The same stream is available on tablets and smartphones from an

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I was watching Kungen’s live stream from Twitch the other night and he said that Hearthstone is repetitive and it doesn’t generate adrenaline like action-mmo-other kind of games.

The main reason to continue to play Hearthstone is the same reason why some people like to play chess. Even though it’s different but the gameplay is still the same. Chess has the same units

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Make sure you have around 40.000 – 50.000 troops of one kind of Tier1. Then, you need around 70.000 troops Tier3.

Use battle runes if you have any, for some defense/attack boost.

Use your highest level hero.

First thing to do is to look around your city for level 7-10 goblin camps.

You’ve found your first goblin camp. Attack it, use 70-80k Tier3 units

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The problem with the hunter class in Hearthstone is that it’s very hard to win games when playing big-normal cards.

And by big-normal, I mean not playing small buff cards (beasts) + unleash the hounds.

Most hunters don’t make much use of the main ability (Steady Shot that deals 2 damage to the enemy hero).

A few tips:

Don’t throw all your cards

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