Blizzcon 2013 starts on Friday, November 8, at 11:00 PST (Pacific Time).

11:00 PST means 19:00 GMT (7 PM).

UTC is the same thing as GMT.

If you live in France for example, you have GMT +1. So Blizzcon starts at 20:00 for you.

The exact hour when Blizzcon 2013 starts in other countries:

Uk: 19:00.

Germany: 20:00.

Italy: 20:00.


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A Protection Rune grants you attack immunity (your cities and wilds cannot be attacked by other players).

The best way to use them is right after getting level 10 wilds. You can even flip level 10 wilds, as the rune is up, the wilds cannot be flipped back.

Also, make sure you have enough gold for your heroes, assign your highest level heroes to resource production. If you have

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Today’s quest in Hearthstone was to put on the board, 40 minions that cost 1 or 2 mana.

So I made a new deck with random minions that cost 1 or 2 mana.

And it was this game vs. this Hunter that had big cards – normal cards.

So I added all the cards that I had in my hand and at 5 mana, my side of the board was full.

I managed to beat him. Looks like

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There is a very useful Android application regarding Blizzcon 2013. It’s an official app, you can download it from here, from Google Play.

The app has five sections: Schedule, Map, Streams, Buzz and News.

Schedule: is presenting the schedule for this year’s Blizzcon. You can locate the events on the provided map (from the app), you can see the time when each events

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Some players are making abuse of emotes, “Greetings”, “Well played”, “Sorry” etc.

There isn’t any option to ban a player (not to meet him in future games).

However, there is a function that can mute a player so you won’t see and hear his emotes.

When being in a game, right click the enemy hero and click on

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Here is a strategy guide for gaining as much might as possible when having 2 cities.

Main city (city 1): keep all the troops in this city. Destroy all the farms and build/produce only wood, stone and ore.
Second city: build farms as much as possible and when you think you are generating enough food, start building wood, stone, ore buildings. Train Tier 3 troops here and from

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You get 100 gold when you reach level 10 with all the classes (when you unlock all the basic cards for each class deck).

You get 300 gold when you win 100 games in any mode.

I’ve won over 300 games and the only reward was at winning 100 games.

And there are daily quests that reward with 100 / 60 / 40 gold. It depends on the quest, how many times you have to win,

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Assuming that you have the default settings of the client.

Go to “Beta” > “Settings” > General > enable “Launch when you start your computer”, enable “Launch minimized to the system tray”.

Also, “When I click ‘X’ at the top of the window”, select “Minimize to System

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Both games are available on Steam since 21 October 2013.

Prices: Stronghold HD 1 is 4 euro while Crusader HD is 8 euro. Find the games here.

The idea is that the fans can have the games in their Steam library. Until now, to play the HD versions of the games, a patch was required to be applied over the original games. We gave some instructions in an old article. No more troubles

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Firefly Studios is currently developing Stronghold Crusader 2. There is even a possible release date and that is March 2014.

What we know so far about the game:

– it’s trying to use the old-school mechanics and gameplay from Stronghold 1 and Stronghold Crusader 1.

– free 3D camera (no details if there will be a fixed camera option).

– the

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