A human being has an inner and an outer brain. The inner brain is responsible with emotions and basic needs like hunger, thirst, sleep etc. The outer brain is the part that is responsible with taking decisions.

The outer brain can control the inner brain. For example, if your leg hurts, you can try to ignore the pain by using the outer brain while your inner brain is saying that you

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World of Warcraft’s peak regarding the number of subscribers was in Wrath of the Lich King when the game had 12 million players with an active subscription.

That means 12 million players are interested in the Warcraft universe.

Hearthstone is all about Warcraft, we have the World of Warcraft races in the game, the cards are representing units, npcs, mobs, known figures

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I tried to replay Gothic 3 after installing the latest community patch but the game is still unplayable.

Here are the points that demonstrate that Gothic 3 was a fail:

1. The graphic and its technical problems. I played Gothic 3 during the years with 3 or 4 video cards and with all, the game had the same issue with far landscape textures. The water texture is missing, you get

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There are daily quests in Hearthstone that have small amounts of gold as reward. The player gets motivated to start the game every day and complete these quests.

I’ll try to update this list of daily quests, each day from now on. This is to get an idea of what kind of quests the players can get (some are repeating) and to see which one of them are the most fun.

10 Sep:

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I really like the hunter deck because it’s based on overrunning your opponent, is based on beasts and is promoting an aggressive playstyle.

The beasts can form a strong attack/defence, early in the game, with a small mana cost.

You get in trouble when you can’t manage to overrun the opponent because of lack of small mana cost cards or if the enemy has a cards that

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I think that Hearthstone is missing things that a player can do when he decides to take a break from playing the actual game.

A chat room would be nice and also to have the official Hearthstone forum integrated in the game. Maybe not in a normal browser form, something different.

Another idea: more single-player modes like a never ending campaign that puts up fights from the

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The only tabard available in Black Market Auction House is “Tabard of Flame”. The red version of the other TCG tabards (they all look the same, except the color).

Tabard of Flame starts with a minimum bid of 15k gold. On a low populated realm, probably nobody will bid, so you can get it for 15k. I wouldn’t go over 30-40k but this depends on how much you want

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This is how Hearthstone looks on a Nexus 7 (7 inches tablet).

If you have followed the news when Hearthstone was announced, you might have heard that the game will be launched at some point for Ipads. The game wasn’t announced for Android yet.

For 7 inches tablets, the main problem is with the resolution. The cards and how the main UI looks, you can barely see anything if

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Blizzard has put on sale, the Virtual Tickets for Blizzcon 2013. You can order one from here (you will be redirected depending on your region).

However, if you don’t want to buy a ticket because you’re poor or whatever reason, you can check the streams from Twitch.tv. I’m pretty sure that from 200-300 streamers that have something to do with the Blizzard games, some

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Since this evening (9 October), the Hearthstone servers are not working properly.

The “Play” mode against other players in ranked or unranked games are not working. You get stuck at “searching opponent” stage.

What you can do for now is to play in “Practice” mode, try the “Arena” mode if you have gold or you want to spend real

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