Rovio, the company that has created Angry Birds, have released today their third game title, Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.

What is important is that the game is only available for iOS (iPhones and iPads). Not yet for Android but most likely it will be released in the next months.

If you’re an Android user, don’t worry. The game is just a puzzle similar to Angry Birds

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The Hobbit Kingdoms has received an update on 17 June and you should definitely install it as it may fix the random crashes that often occurs.

Here are the official notes for this update:

New Features:
• Introducing Korean language support
• Hobbit Construction Crew items are now returned when a level 10 building upgrade is canceled

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A fun game released by Gameloft. I think that the minions are from a well known cartoon, I don’t watch any cartoons these days so I’m not sure.

Minion Rush has pretty much the same gameplay concepts as Temple Run. You have your character, three lanes, you move left and right to avoid obstacles and collect bananas. You can also jump.

The game is fun but it becomes

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Rage of the Gladiator was in the “trending” section from Google Play. The “trending” section is listing the new apps that are successful (they are installed by a large amount of users and it has good stars rating).

About the game. You play as a gladiator inside an arena vs. AI heroes. By using touchscreen gestures, you can evade attacks, block, counter-attack,

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I’ve encountered this bug when playing The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth. After attacking a wild land, the UI was stuck with displaying “fighting”. I’ve received the mail report for the fight and after that the game got stuck for good.

After restarting, my troops where nowhere, not in my city and not on that conquered field. They were just gone.


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This is a great way to protect your gold from being plundered. Bookmark the city position of a trusted ally and as you get attacked, send all your gold right away. Your attackers will get nothing from you.

To send the gold and other resources to an ally, you need to know his coordinates on the map. Ask about his coordinates, bookmark his city and send the gold and resources as I was

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The most expensive games are: Final Fantasy IV (around 20$), Final Fantasy Dimensions (around 18$) and Final Fantasy III (around 15$).

These games are remakes after the old games released by Squaresoft in the early 90’s.

Why are so expensive? The high amount of work can be an answer. But also the fact that any Final Fantasy fan would want to play any of these

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Arcane shot does 150% weapon damage, up from 100%.

Steady and Cobra Shot damage buffed by 10%. The focus cost for both abilities was increased.

Blink Strikes nerfed.

The pets summoned from Stampede won’t give any buffs or apply debuffs on enemies. They will just auto-attack.

Aspect of the Iron Hawk damage reduction lowered from 25% to

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City Island is like the Sim City game for PC. Only that it has much less options and details.

You start with a small area that can expanded, you build houses and commercial buildings that will generate money. The money is generated over time and you will have to click to collect it.

This part where you have to click is a turn-off to be honest. To grow your city, there are no

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Happiness and tax rate are very easy to manage and understand how they work.

You only need gold for researches and the salaries of your heroes.

So it goes like this. Before doing a research, while you are scouting cities to plunder of gold, set your tax rate to 100% so you will get like 10k-20k-30k or more / hour. The idea is to get as much gold as possible because it

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