The unkeep is the food required for your army. As you train more troops, the unkeep will go up. That’s why, you need to keep a close eye on your food production and on the fact that the production should be higher than the unkeep, even by a small 10.000 / hour.

You can get more food from plundering other cities or by upgrading your farms (their upgrade require less time than

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If you want to reduce the time required for a research or construction, you can assign heroes for these specific jobs. How it works?

The time required for a construction / research only gets lower if you assign the hero for a position before starting the construction / research. If you assign the hero after (during the research), it won’t reduce the time at all.

It is

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From the map view, you can use pinch-out to display the level of the fields and pinch-in to turn their display off.

Pinch means closing together your thumb and index finger.

Being able to see the level of the fields from around your city is useful as you don’t have to click on any field to see its level.

You can see here a bigger list of questions and

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What the app contains?

There is a news section (a RSS feed with alerts and information about E3 2013). For example, the first alert is saying that all the E3 visitors will have free wi-fi access in South and West Lobbies as well as in the Compass Cafe.

A very useful list called “exhibitors” with all the brands and companies that are participating at this event. The

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Leveling only one hero is the best choice in the long run. This is because when you have built and upgraded all your structures, you did all the researches, you can assign your hero for training troops and generating resources. You can switch between these tasks all the time.

And the most important reason, the level of your hero can determine weather you win or lose a

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If you are looking for a similar game to Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament, for Android, SG: DeadZone is the perfect choice.

This game has the same gameplay mechanics as the mentioned PC games. It has two available modes, “deathmatch” (the player with the most frags wins after the time expires) and “zone control”. You need to reach rank 4 before having

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Graphic wise, the game looks the same on iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets.

What matters it the amount of map that you see in one screen.

And the amount differs from resolution to resolution. Here is a comparison.

iPhone 5 that has 640 x 1136 resolution and Nexus 7 that has 1280 x 800.

If you want to play the game in perfect conditions, you should try a 10

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First of all, don’t worry if your city gets defeated. You only lose resources and troops (if you have any for defending). You won’t lose the game / get your city destroyed or anything. Check this article to know how not to lose resources and troops if you get attacked and defeated.

So you have like 10.000 might or something in this range. What to do? You can check for

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Starting with the conclusion. As much as I like the Alien franchise, this game is mediocre at best.

AvP Evolution is marked as a third person action game. In fact, it is a hack and slash third person game.

It has two campaigns, one for each race, aliens / predators. The gameplay is pretty much the same for both races. You have a melee attack, a second button to press where your

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Beach Buggy Blitz is developed by Vector Unit. The first thing that you notice when you run the game is the nVidia logo (Powered by NVIDIA TEGRA).

And the optimization is there, the game runs perfect on Nexus 7, these tablets having nVidia Tegra 3 processors.

The graphics are pretty awesome. The water looks incredible, almost as good as a pixel shader 2 – 3 water from a

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