Spec used: beastmaster.

Pet: corehound, for heroism.

Talents: Crouching tiger, hidden chimera / Intimidation / Exhilaration / Dire Beast / Blink Strikes / Glaive toss.

Glyphs: Liberation / Animal Bond / No escape.

You need around 100 – 150k dps for this fight.

Start the fight by setting an ice trap + explosive trap where the boss spawns, Stampede,

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Dark Avenger is similar to Diablo 3, except that the levels are much shorter. It is a free hack and slash RPG, probably one of the best for Android.

The game has only one available class at this time, the templar, some sort of Diablo 3 monk. The “ranger” class is under development and there is a notice when trying to create one, saying: “coming

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This game for Android is making the waiting for the second “The Hobbit” movie, a bit sweeter.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth is a city-building game. You can basically build a medieval city, build different buildings that can be upgraded. Each building has a “waiting time”, from 30 seconds to even hours. You can buy “mithril bars” with real

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“Need for Speed Rivals” could be released in the middle of November 2013. This is if we consider that the pre-orders are closing on 13 November 2013.

The game is only available for pre-order on Origin and not on Steam. This is because EA owns Origin. You can find on Steam only some old NFS games, not including even NFS The Run or the latest, NFS Most Wanted.

What we

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This game allows you to play some car races by only shifting the gears, pressing the NOS button and an extra button for drifts (don’t get too excited, you can’t control the car while you drift).

What you can’t do is steering the car. Another important thing is that while you race, the cars are being shown in a “movie mode”, you won’t see the race

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After around two months, a new DotA map is available (DotA Warcraft 3 version).

The new map brings two new heroes, Kaolin, the Earth Spirit (strength) and Nerif, the Oracle (inteligence).

Other changes for old heroes:

Arc Warden
– Magnetic Field AoE decreased from 325 to 275
– Tempest Double unit is now visible to the enemy players as the

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Here are some simple tips that you will help you run Grid 2 in better conditions.

From “options”, select “graphics options”, “choose preset”, leave this option to high, enter the “video mode” options, select the resolution and set fullscreen as “on”, “multisampling”, set this to 8 x MSAA (it won’t consume

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To change the steering control in Grid 2, start the first race, hit the escape button, go to “options”, “controls”, assign new keys for “steer left”, “steer right”, accelerate (“w”), brake (“s”).

You should assign the arrow keys if you play with the right hand. It is much easier to play. Grid 2 is not a first

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The starting price is 15k gold and I would personally not pay more than 20k for this item.

It cannot be macroed. It has a casting time of a few seconds. You basically place a cool looking kettle on the ground. When you click the kettle, you will receive an item named “Goblin Gumbo” (you can only hold one in your inventory). When you consume the item, your character will

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Goblin Weather Machine – Prototype 01-B can be acquired from Black Market Auction House.

The price? I got mine for 60k gold and a friend for 50k. This is on a medium populated realm. Expect that the price to be much higher on high/full populated realms.

60k is a right price? Most definitely. Considering how cool this item is if you know how to use it.

I use my

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