If you are after getting the companion pets from Karazhan (Raiding with leashes 2) and you want to solo all the place, you might get stuck at the “chess” battle.

But don’t worry, here are some very good tips that will help you to pass this fight in no time.

Alliance / Horde, it doesn’t matter. Both factions have the same units and

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I’m not 100% sure that they got nerfed but the latest 5 mobs have dropped only one blue bag.

They now usually drop one green bag and a few rep tokens.

Wowhead is displaying that the blue bags have a 30% drop chance now. I remember checking like a month ago and the percent was around 85-90%.

If anyone can confirm this, please leave in the comments.


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You need a smartphone that runs at least Android 2.2 Froyo. Besides the initial authenticator (for key chain), Blizzard has also developed an authenticator app that runs on Android and iOS. We will talk about the Android app here but I guess the iOS one works pretty much the same.

Step 1: Download the app from Google Play, here.

Step 2: Install the app.

Step 3: Go to

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The graphic options for Metro Last Light are the following:

Resolution: change it your native monitor’s resolution. It is much lower by default when you first start the game.

Quality: this has a big impact on your framerate. Set it to normal or high.

SSAA: this is an anti-aliasing setting. It is the most resource consuming setting. Turn it off if you notice any

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If you try to launch Metro Last Light and it gets stuck after the intro video and no menu appears, simply use Control+Alt+Delete and kill the process (the game).

Launch the game again, it will pop up a message saying that the game failed to launch the first time and it will now start in safe mode. Click ok and start the game, it should not get stuck again and it should display the

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Your account gets locked if you connect to WoW from different Internet connections. For example, if you connect from a broadband connection and then from a dynamic 3G connection (on a laptop or to the Remote Chat app for smartphones), your account gets locked and you need to reset your battle.net password.

There is nothing to do except resetting the password. Not even those from

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Imp in a ball, Tabard of Flame, Goblin Weather Machine – Prototype 01-B.

Why important? Because you can macro Imp in a ball and Goblin Weather Machine – Prototype 01-B. So, when you use an ability, you will also use the two items and it looks fun. Having a thundering cloud above your head when you cast “Frostbolt” for example, reminds me of the Necromancers

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Trial of the Crusader (10 man) can be soloed by hunters, without much effort.

Spec: Beastmaster. Pet: Corehound, for heroism. Make sure to have Heart of the Phoenix available.

Gear: Half 5.2 PVE Raid Finder and half epic PVP gear.

Northrend Beasts

There are three mini-bosses. Save all your burst including Heroism for the second mini-boss (the two giant

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To access the key bindings option, while being in-game, press escape, “options”, “control options”.

The most important key bind is “auto-run” (numlock by default). If you have a mouse with side buttons, assign one of the button to “auto-run”. This will free you of having to keep pressed “W” for running forward.

If you

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In case that anyone was looking for this, here is the recorded live stream from 18 April when Kirill Pokrovsky played some of the Divinity songs on piano.

Around 700 viewers where watching the live stream when this took place. The only song that I recognized was the Divine Divinity theme. There were also some songs from the further game that is under development, Divinity Original

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