This can be done as Marskman because your pet cannot survive if you go as Beastmaster.

Stand in Aspect of the Cheetah and kite the mob by moving in a circle. Be careful not to go too far as it will reset and you will have to start over again.

Talents that I would personally take and that will help you: Posthaste (you run faster after you disengage), Spirit Bond (because you

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You can make gold by crafting “Angerhide Leg Armor”, “Ironscale Leg Armor” and “Shadowleather Leg Armor”.

These are leg enchants and are needed by Agility/Strength dps and by tanks. I’ve noticed that the “Shadowleather Leg Armor” are selling better because there are more rogues/hunters/ferals/enh shamans than “strength”

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The major changes are that the DotA AI map has a new developer that goes by the codename of “Ciel_Asuka”.

The AI’s couriers are now functioning properly. They will bring items for the AI players.

The AI will now use a large variety of “item builds”, they have a set of rules, a set of favourite “item builds”.

Why the map is called

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Chaos Chronicles seems to be the second “good looking” RPG video game for PC in 2013, besides Divinity Original Sin. Official website:

The game is featured on Steam, and we have a few details.

It is a medieval RPG with TBS combat.

It has a 3D isometric perspective and from the Steam trailer, it looks that we will control more than a

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The macro is very simple: /cast Fetch

Even if you don’t find the “Fetch” ability in your pet’s spellbook, the ability can be used with this macro. If you don’t know how to create a macro, ask in the comments.

“Fetch” is very fun to use and a good choice if you don’t know what minor glyphs to take.

“Fetch” works

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This tutorial is for Windows 7, 64 bit, playing an MSDOS video game named “Gods”.

Install DOSBox (free software, it’s an MSDOS emulator). Here is a direct download link: DOSBox.

You can install DOSBox in any place you want, either in the root of C: or in C’s “Program Files”.

Download Gods from Abandonia, here, 977kb.

Unzip the

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The population limit has been increased to 500 (this is the only gameplay change).

The menus are looking better now.

The most important change and why the game is called “HD” is because the game will start in your monitor’s native resolution. There are two cheats to set the resolution to 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600. Check them here.
Playing the game in 1680

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Write these commands while being in-game (during a mission).

rock on = gives 1000 stone
lumberjack = gives 1000 wood
cheese steak jimmy’s = gives 1000 food

Map and missions:
marco = it will unveil all the map
polo = it will remove the “fog of war”
aegis = building structures will become instant

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I was reading some comments on a gaming website where some users were saying that the 96% score for Bioshock Infinite obtained on Metacritic is making some kind of injustice to the first Bioshock.

I remember playing Bioshock 1 in 2007 when it was released. I only played like the first 2-3 levels because there was nothing interesting to see.

And now that I’ve finished

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Here are the maps with the spawning location for the Zandalari Warbringers and those rare trolls called Warscouts. You should try to solo at least the rare scout trolls as they drop some items that grant 1.000 reputation with different factions from Pandaria. I think by farming these, it is the easiest way to get reputation with these factions.

And, you get a lot of gold as they also

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