Devil May Cry – 25 January. Action.

Dead Space 3 – 8 February. For those that are interested by the sequel. A horror third person shooter.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – 12 February. First person shooter. It will be a sequel for the “Aliens” movie, a crew of marines are going to LV-426 in order to investigate the missing crew that was sent before, the

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WoWserbia has a post regarding a possible Moba zone that might appear in World of Warcraft at some point. They are saying that the zone will be implemented in patch 5.2 and will be entitled “Defense of the Alehouse”.

It is less likely to see this zone in patch 5.2 because Blizzard didn’t included any news regarding this content in the ptr notes.

A Moba DotA

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Spec used: Beastmaster / Pet used: Spirit Beast / Gear level: 480 (mostly PVP).
Must have talents: Exhiliration, A Murder of Crows, Barrage.
Glyphs: Marked for Death, No escape, Endless Wrath.

Start the fight by using Concussive Shot on Dark Summoner. Once the first shadow is up, pop Bestial Wrath and the trinkets (optional) and nuke the shadow. The pet will be on the

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It seems that Diablo 3 was nerfed to the ground in the latest months or the barbarian class was buffed a lot. When I quit the game 3 or 4 months ago, I was stuck at Act 3. And today I beat Diablo with slightly better gear (I bought some small upgrades from the Auction house).

Act 3 and 4 were not very different in terms of difficulty, I’ve managed to survive huge packs of mobs

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Spec used: BM. Gear: half epic and half rare PVP gear. A few pieces of LFR armor. Pet used: Spirit beast.

The main idea of the fight is to stay very close to the gnome so the rockets that are being throwed by the goblin will hit the gnome too. The gnome will take a lot of damage from rockets. You should avoid getting hit by them as they usually one-shot.

Start the fight by

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To queue for a fight, talk to the NPCs from the arena’s corners. Once you queue, you will have to wait your turn, you can talk to the same NPC again to find out when will be your turn.

There are eight ranks for Brawler’s Guild. Each rank has four bosses. The fights are getting harder as you progress. The fights from rank 7 and 8 are insanely difficult, they require the

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Brawler’s Guild requires good gear besides skills.

I have managed to reach the final boss from rank 5 by using only PVP gear, half blue and half epic. Fully upgraded, enchanted and gemed.

Still, there have been some fights where dps was all that mattered. And I can’t kill the boss from the last battle from rank 5 because of not having enough dps.

The first

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To have access to Brawler’s Guild, you need to purchase this item: “Blood-Soaked Invitation”. The item can be bought from Black Market Auction House in “Tavern in the Mists”.

The price starts from 1k gold (BID) and goes up depending on the population of your realm. If you are on a high populated realm, expect to pay more as there will be more players

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Level 90 hunters can solo Sunwell Plateau without much effort.

Tips and tricks.

Skip the first boss as it cannot be killed by one player. You can kill all the bosses even if you skip the first boss.

The second boss, Brutallus, is a tank and spank fight. Just try not to stay in front of him. Be prepared with potions, flasks if you think your damage is too low.
I was

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To beat this rare NPC, you will need a gorilla pet. Gorillas have an ability named “Pummel”. This ability will interupt the casting of the healing spell. It has a 30 seconds cooldown.

This should be the fourth interrupt. As a hunter, you also have Silencing Shot, Scatter Shot and Intimidation.

I have managed to solo this NPC without much effort, just using Pummel

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