A pretty expensive deck because of the 2x Lay on Hands and 2x Avenging Wrath.

I didn’t managed to use Tirion, so you can do it without him.

The idea is to use small minions and then give them taunt from the 2x Sunfury Protector and 2x Defender of Argus.

Noble Sacrifice is great.

But the main star of the fight is Harrison Jones. If you manage to draw the card

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This is the promo trainer for Risen 3: Titan Lords, from Cheathappens.

The trainer contains three cheats. You can download it from here, it has 511Kb.

Numpad 7: Select Dexterity.
Numpad +: Increase Value.
Numpad -: Decrease Value.

It can be very useful if you plan to play your character as a ranger.

In order to use the cheats, follow these

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To be able to play with a “fixed camera”, follow these steps.

Go to options, Gameplay. Set the camera Speed to 0.4.

If you do that, the camera will become really rigid and you won’t be able to easily move the camera freely and experience that console camera feeling.

“0.4” seems to be the best value.

If it’s lower, the camera

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Anisotropic filtering: off.

Depth of field: on. The option will actually improve the framerate if it’s turned on.

Anti-aliasing: on. It doesn’t affect the framerate.

Water Reflections: off. This option consumes a lot of resources. Can make the game to run fluent or lag, especially if your character is near the shores of the sea.

Shadow Quality: Low.

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No more WoW, will return at 1 AM for Hearthstone.

Will be streaming on 12 August from around 19 PM, +2 GMT (European time).

Starting with World of Warcraft, some solo que Arathi Basin battlegrounds.

Then at 01:00 AM, will clear the fourth wing of Curse of Naxxramas, on normal. Also will do the class challenge games.

The heroic decks will appear on the site either

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You can’t unload all the chests and troops at once, you will have to touch every chest and every troop in order to unload it.

But there is a trick that will make things much easier.

You can click from your PC or laptop, on the tablet’s screen. And if you use a software, things will become really really easy.

Follow these steps. You don’t need a rooted

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There are still players interested in the classic DotA, even though with the success of League of Legends and even DotA 2, still playing DotA 1 seems weird.

But to answer the question, Some players don’t like the graphic style from League of Legends and neither from DotA 2, that’s why they are sticking with the classic DotA.

Things might change with the release of

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Gothik the Harvester is the hardest fight from the third Wing of Naxxramas.

This is a healing Paladin deck.

The key cards are 2x Abomination, 2x Unstable Ghoul but also the basic Equality + Consecration or Wild Pyromancer + Equality.

If you manage to survive until you are like 6-7 mana, you will have a good chance.

If you manage to put Tirion on the board, you

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A very hard fight but very funny with this Paladin deck.

The key cards are the 2x Humility and 2x Aldor Peacekeeper. If you manage to put at least two of the horseman at 1 attack, you will be able to heal their damage.

The other key of the fight is that you should kill all three horseman at the same time. Or one will get buffed from the secret. But if he gets buffed and you can

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A decent fight in terms of difficulty, not very hard.

What you need are two Oozes, shields for your two taunts (received from Razuvious), Blessing of Kings so you can buff those taunts.

I’ve managed to win the game with Tirion on the board. I took the two taunts at 3 mana, shielded one, managed to use Ooze on a 1 durability weapon.

Besides the weapon, he

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