This website is just pure nostalgia. is one of the oldest websites with resources for Final Fantasy, it has been online since 1999. But not anymore..

If you try to access their website, you will see “This Account Has Been Suspended”. This usually happens when your webhost has suspended the page. Probably the administrators of the website don’t care or

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Do you like to race?

Yes? Good luck then, you can’t really do that in Need for Speed Most Wanted. This game is just promoting the “no fun allowed” quote.

7 reasons why Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) is a fail!

1. Crash, crash and crash. You will crash your car many times in this game. And most of the time, one crash is enough to lose a race. But most

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The easiest way to play Need for Speed Most Wanted is to use the “Easydrive” option.

While being in-game, press the numpad 6 key to expand the menu. You can navigate using the 8 (up), 2 (down), 4 (left) and 6 (right) numpad keys. You can pick races from here, change cars, customize cars etc. To exit this feature, press the numpad 4 key a few times.

There is no need

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The seeds that will reward Motes of Harmony are named “Songbell Seed”. They are found at Merchant Greenfield, the panda NPC.

You need to be revered with “The Tillers” faction in order to buy these seeds. So you will have 12 spots to plant the seeds, three parcels. 12 spots will reward 12 Motes of Harmony which means that every day you can get one “Spirit

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I had the chance to try the new Stronghold HD. Here are the changes.

The game will start on the default monitor’s resolution. For me it is 1680 x 1050. It is a 22” monitor. It looks great on this resolution, the units and buildings are not small at all. Using this resolution, I barely need to scroll the map. I guess on even higher resolutions like 1900+, the player will

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I have leatherworking and engineering as professions and the only item I’ve managed to sell from these two professions was the “Lord Blastington’s Scope of Doom”.

It is a bow enchant and every hunter that is doing PVE will want it.

The mats to craft this item cost around 500-600 gold if you buy them from Auction House. You also need one Spirit of Harmony

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Why I think the pet battles from World of Warcraft are a waste of time? Subjective views.

Here are a few reasons.

You don’t get better if you play more. I mean for PVP battles, playing in the level 23-25 range will feel very unbalanced. Pets that can kill other pets in 2-3 moves, pets with unbalanced abilities. Basically, there is no skill involved and if you have the

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Those that own a legal copy of Stronghold or Stronghold Crusader can update their game to the HD version.

How to do this? (taken from Firefly’s Facebook wall).

1) Go to one of our Stronghold HD websites: These are and
2) Click on the orange “Download Patch” button
3) Pick your download mirror

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My subjective opinions about the new Need for Speed Most Wanted.

The game is fun, is actually the first game where I don’t care if I lose a race, if I’m not finishing the race first, if I crash with the car from my mistakes and because of my poor driving skills.

Is just fun once you get used to the control that is not really that easy. The adrenaline is there, the

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Need for Speed Most Wanted seems to require the same resources as Need for Speed The Run, the previous title from the series.

To run the game in good conditions, make sure that you don’t have applications running in the background that would stress the hard drive or other hardware resources. If you have two monitors or more, NFS Most Wanted might not start in fullscreen mode.

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