I guess there is no news that users can use Google to check spelling mistakes.

What they might not know is that they can check even grammar mistakes or common English language mistakes, to check if a few words are combined correctly in a sentence.

How to do this? Example of some random word combination: “Still, the laptop is good”. If you write this in Google using

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Some users are already experiencing the new YouTube interface/layout that is quite different than the previous one.

The new interface is available for random users. I see the new interface since 3 days ago in Firefox (my default browser) and even with restarts and everything, YouTube won’t switch to the previous version.

What is new?

The first page and the video

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Thanks to Kripparian for this tip, I’ve found out a great place for farming the item called “Mote of Harmony” from one of his videos.

The place is in Valley of the Four Winds and we need to grind turtles here. These turtles are level 86 and can be pulled in one group, around 15-20 turtles and AOE them. 20 turtles are usually dropping one Mote of Harmony so in ten

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Who would have thought that Windows is displaying something related to the hour change that will happen on 28 October.

I have discovered this by accident, searching Google first to find out when the hour will change, the results were spammy and then I clicked on the Windows clock and found out what I was looking for.

Clicking on the clock you will see this

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Details attached to this video.

I have used normal blue PVP gear from Season 13 arena. Beastmaster spec with a spirit beast, ferocity spec, nothing fancy.

What is important is to have the Misdirection glyph and use it most of the time.

What has changed compared to Cataclysm is that hunters and some other classes can’t use the legendary staff anymore. We can finish

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This error for Sony Vegas happens at rendering. It happened for me at 25% when I was rendering my first video.

How I’ve managed to fix it?

This was very simple. Build your video by adding the video and audio content, even add effects then save the project. Close Sony Vegas.
Open the project and try to render the video. The error should not appear anymore.


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The leatherworking PVP recipes vendor is located in Shrine of the Sever Stars (Vale of Eternal Blossom), the main building. See the map.

The vendor is named Tanner Pang (a male panda), he is exchanging each recipe for one Spirit of Harmony.

This is for Alliance, for Horde there should be a NPC like this one also inside the main building from Vale of Eternal Blossom, I think is

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If you have an integrated video card:

Download CPU-Z. After you install it, click on “motherboard” to find out your motherboard’s model name.
Search on Google “[the name of your motherboard] drivers”. Download the VGA driver and install it.

To detect a dedicated video card:

Download Driver Identifier. This tool is great to detect

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Rumbling Terrace is located in the south-east part of Valley of the Four Winds. It is harder to locate it because the map won’t reveal any hints that the zone is undiscovered.

Some players that have finished all the quests in Valley of the Four Winds might be missing this zone for the “explore” achievement.

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Are you logged all the time to your YouTube account?

If the answer is yes, you might be missing YouTube’s best content. This is because when you are logged and subscribed to a few channels, you will see on the front page just videos uploaded by those users that you are subscribed to.

The highest ranked newest videos can be seen by clicking on “From YouTube”

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