Are you looking for head enchants for your level 90 character?

Blizzard has decided not to add any head enchants in Mists of Pandaria. They have also removed the Cataclysm versions, both PVP and PVE.
When searching enchanting and inscription from the profession UI, all slots are available except head.

Ghostcrawler has made a post on 30/05/2012, on the

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With a low budget, Samsung Galaxy Mini is a good deal for those that are interested to buy their first Android smartphone and try the basic Android applications.

But why not to buy this phone?

The battery. The phone lasts around one day and a half if you use it for making one or two small calls. It needs to be charged daily. With the screen always on, it lasts for 6 hours or

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World of Warcract Remote Android application is disconnecting when the screen of the smartphone where is installed is usually turning off.

What to do to avoid getting disconnected?

Increase the screen timeout duration. My Samsung Galaxy Mini has 30 minutes maximum screen timeout. For Android 2.2, go to Settings, Display, Screen timeout.

Another option is to install an

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I own a Samsung Galaxy Mini since the summer of last year. Connecting it by using the USB cable has been a pain sometimes as the phone will just not connect even if I “press the same buttons”, following the same steps.

For Windows 7 it works like this.

Plug the USB cable to both the phone and the PC.
Settings, Applications, Development, uncheck the “USB debugging”

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The level 90 justice and valor points vendors are now in Pandaria, Townlong Steppes zone, Niuzao Temple.
Townlong Steppes is the western (green) zone from Pandaria. Both vendors can be found on a platform behind the temple. They are two pandas.

The vendors got moved here so players will leave the main cities more often. Stormwind has now, only level 85 justice and valor points

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After months since it was released, Diablo 3 is looking like a game made for money. Was released before Mists of Pandaria, was “at offer” with the World of Warcraft Annual Pass and players got bored, so they returned back to WoW.

The patches that followed were not able to make the game more fun or interesting. Right now, I’m looking at “Public Games” and

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After many uncertain months, a new DotA (Defense of the Ancients) map was released, version 6.75 and today the “b” version, DotA 6.75b.

“Uncertain months” because nobody was sure if Icefrog will continue the work on the old Warcraft 3 map and will focus all his energy on developing DotA 2 with Valve.

DotA 6.75 has brought many tweaks for the majority of

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Level 90 PVP gear for Alliance can be found west of Valley of the Four Winds, there are vendors on the wall. Check the picture.

The vendors are inside a building. There are vendors that will exchange items for honor and conquest points (from arena).

These vendors are only here, there are none in Stormwind so far.

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Rovio has built a cute website for their newest game, Bad Piggies, only that the phone requirements to play Bad Piggies are missing.

While the game works fine on iPhones, even 3GS, Android users are lacking information.
Google Play is only displaying that Bad Piggies require at least Android 2.2 and 34 Mb of free space (on the SD card).

If you have a smartphone connected

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Angry Birds is available from today for consoles, PS3, Xbox and Nintentdo 3DS. More exactly, all three versions of Angry Birds, the first game, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Space are being sold on Amazon as a package.

The prices are as it follows.
PS3: $39.96
Xbox: $39.96
3DS: $29.96

Rovio has announced that the three games are not just copies of the ones

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