Paladin Deck for Heigan the Unclean Heroic


A decent fight in terms of difficulty.

Using the Paladin class for this boss is a a great idea since you should always use the hero ability to summon the 1/1 (Reinforce) minion that will get nuked by Heigan’s hero ability (which does 4 damage to the first minion placed on the left side of the board).

Even if you put up a Nerubian Egg, Heigan will still use the ability and you get a 4/4.

Another great card for this fight is the Gurubashi Berserker since it won’t die from Heigan’s hero ability and he will get some damage buff.

We have the usual AOE removals and 2x Humility and 2x Aldor Peacekeepers. And a lot of healing.

An expensive deck though, with Tirion and 2 Lay on Hands which are epic cards, but with this deck, the fight was fairly easy.