Rayman Legends PC controls


These are all the controls from Rayman Legends (default controls for the PC version of the game).

Walk left – left arrow.
Walk right – right arrow.
Jump – space.
Get down from objects – arrow down.
Fly – keep “space” pressed until you land safe.

Run left-right (with higher speed) – keep “left shift” pressed.

Upper friendly companion action (the small flying frog that moves objects/cuts ropes/distracts enemies) – “w”

Punch enemies – s.
Multiple punches – spam the “s” key, 2-3 times.
Punch enemies/objects that are placed below/above you – “s+arrow down”/”s+arrow up”.

Wall jumping – to jump from left to right for example, jump on the left wall (“space + left arrow”) and when you have reached the wall, jump on the right side (“space + right arrow”).

If you have any extra or secret controls/key combos, please share in the comments.