Risen 3 leaked gameplay video, details about the game


We have a video that is showing some Risen 3 gameplay. The commentary is in German.

Details taken from the video:

– This will be the last game from the Risen series. It is possible that the next game to be a new Gothic.

– The player will have complete freedom in Risen 3. He can get anywhere, something like we have in the TES games.

– We have a new hero (no more pirates).

– There are three guilds that the player can join. We will most likely have a mages guild, lawful (paladins) and some “shady” guild of fighters.

– Our hero will seek the help of mages, like he had in Gothic 1.

– The mages will try to build a reactor from crystals. All this in order to fight the titans. Our hero will probably do most of the work.

– Non-linear story. As I said, we can go anywhere from the beginning. This could be great if the world is not that big as it was in Gothic 3.

The most important features: Swimming and climbing are back. Climbing was non-existent in Risen 2. Also swimming. This was like a broken leg for the game since one of the best things about Gothic 1, 2 and Risen was the climbing feature. You could climb, steal from hidden chests, explore, find new rooms and areas. Climbing was also the reason to replay the game, try to find new secrets.

– No monster scaling. Just as in any game created by Piranha Bytes.

– Many weapons and items to find.

– We will have companions, just like in Risen 2.

– The release date is 15.08.2014.