Sapphiron budget Mage Deck for Heroic


An insanely hard fight where you can’t really use minions. The mage class seems to be the best choice because of the powerful spells that deal damage but also from the AOE damage/crowd control.

This deck is using only four minions, 2x Nerubian Egg (in order to get the 4/4) and 2x Abomination. The Abomination just does the AOE damage. If I need an extra 2 damage AOE, it can come from the Abomination cards.

Other than that, just basic mage cards. My collection doesn’t include the second Pyroblast, the 2x Ice Block and neither Alextrasza, who I think is the key card for Sapphiron. If it works and it gets Sapphiron to 15 HP, you can finish him quick.

But, I’ve managed to beat him without Alextrasza.


A few tips.

Use at least one Frostbolt in combination with Ice Lance.

Use the Pyroblast on Sapphiron.

He has those minions that are destroying the other minions on their side, the 5/6. A good idea is to use Fireball, so you destroy three enemy minions with just a Fireball.

If you have the cards, add a Pyroblast and maybe an Ice Block. And Alextrasza, of course.