Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void release date speculations


What we know so far?

Heart of the Swarm was released after three years since the release of the first game, Wings of Liberty. Blizzard was announcing in 2010 that HoS will be released in 2011 but they delayed for 2013.

Legacy of the Void could lack any new units for multiplayer games and Blizzard can focus only on the campaign. That means that they will need less time to finish the game. We might still see Dark Archons, Corsairs, Arbiters and Reavers in the future game, but only in the campaign.

Dustin Browder, the game director of StarCraft 2, said in an interview that Legacy of the Void will be released faster than Heart of the Swarm but it was nothing official.

Or, Blizzard can delay the game for 2015 or 2016, trying to get as much money as they can from Heart of the Swarm. Also, they would rather release the first Diablo 3 expansion in 2014 than LotV. Not to count the next World of Warcraft expansion. After all, it is more than certain that we will see a new WoW expansion since we have a Blizzcon event in 2013.

These are only speculations. What is your opinion?