T440 Dual-Mode Robot hunter tactics


Spec used: beastmaster.

Pet: corehound, for heroism.

Talents: Crouching tiger, hidden chimera / Intimidation / Exhilaration / Dire Beast / Blink Strikes / Glaive toss.

Glyphs: Liberation / Animal Bond / No escape.

You need around 100 – 150k dps for this fight.

Start the fight by setting an ice trap + explosive trap where the boss spawns, Stampede, Bestial Wrath, Ancient Hysteria, Kill Command, Glaive Toss, Dire Beast. In this particular order.

Stay in range and nuke him, notice that the boss will get some stacks. At 15 stacks, his thrown circles will do a lot of damage. By the time he is reaching 15 stacks, he should have half of his hp gone.

When the boss has 15 stacks, use Intimidation to save 3-4 seconds and approach him and stay in melee, those 15 stacks will reset. Fight in melee until your pet dies (the boss has 10 stacks of melee buff). Be sure to use Cower. When your pet is dead, use heart of the phoenix (to rez the pet) and disengage to make the boss switch to the “ranged mode”. By the time he is reaching the next 15 stacks, he should be dead.

Use disengage often to heal for 5%.

I had item level 505 when I managed to kill him. Patch 5.3.

Good luck, if you have any questions or you want to share some tips, leave in the comments.

Brawler's Guild Alliance arena