The Four Horsemen Paladin Deck for Heroic


A very hard fight but very funny with this Paladin deck.

The key cards are the 2x Humility and 2x Aldor Peacekeeper. If you manage to put at least two of the horseman at 1 attack, you will be able to heal their damage.

The other key of the fight is that you should kill all three horseman at the same time. Or one will get buffed from the secret. But if he gets buffed and you can put it to one attack, there won’t be a problem.

Equality doesn’t work. Is banned by the boss and it won’t do anything.

Stampeding Kodo works, he will really kill a horseman.

If you manage to kill the horseman, the fight should be very easy.

The boss won’t put any minions on the board, he will just throw spells that will do some damage. Be sure to stay at a decent health.

The Ooze is really important, if you manage to destroy his weapon.

The 2x Noble Sacrifice, the small minions that can get shielded will slow him down and you will have time to heal and disable the horseman.

A very hard fight, once again. I haven’t had the chance to draw Tirion so you can do it even without him.