The Hobbit Kingdoms – how to flip wilds?


Most of the alliances from this game are not allowing wild flipping. However, if you really want to have fun in The Hobbit Kingdoms, you can join a more open-minded alliance that has fewer rules.

Wild flipping is very fun. If you want to became the target for many players, make enemies on your realm, start to flip wilds.

If you have 9 heroes in your city, you can launch 9 attacks. That means you can flip 9 wilds at once. Scroll around your city and attack lvl 8-10 wilds. Send just 1 troop to attack. The best choice is to send a mounted unit because they will reach the destination much faster (the have a higher marching speed).

Once you have captured a wild, go inside your city > Keep > conquests tab > and abandon the wilds. The previous owners will have to fight again vs. npcs to conquer their wilds and they usually don’t do it. They also get very mad, angry and will definitely attack your city, send hate mail etc.

How to prevent wild flipping? You can just leave like 1000 units on your wild. Some wild flippers will even kill those 1000 units to flip your wild but at least you won’t get flipped by those that send 1 unit.
Also, you can get wilds far from your city so hostile players won’t be able to detect them easily.