The Hobbit Kingdoms – how to unload chests and troops, very easy


You can’t unload all the chests and troops at once, you will have to touch every chest and every troop in order to unload it.

But there is a trick that will make things much easier.

You can click from your PC or laptop, on the tablet’s screen. And if you use a software, things will become really really easy.

Follow these steps. You don’t need a rooted Android device.

Install on your PC or laptop, this program called MyMobiler from here.

Install MyMobiler on your Android device. Link here.

Connect your tablet or smartphone to your PC / Laptop by using a USB cable.

Run MyMobiler on both devices.

On your PC, MyMobiler will have an icon in the sistray (the icons near the clock). Right click the icon > Android device > Check USB Connection. Check if you see your device there. If you don’t see the device, enable “USB debugging” from your tablet/smartphone.

Press the “Connect” button. A small gray window will appear on your PC’s screen. That is the screen of your Android device.

If you don’t see anything, just the gray screen, it means that your device is not rooted. However, you can still click from your PC. The commands will register on your Android device.

If you have Razer Synapse (you are a Razer user), it’s even easier because you can create a macro that will do touch commands. The same can be done with other software programs.

If you have questions, leave in the comments.