The Hobbit Kingdoms lag / being slow from the latest update


Looks like everyone that is playing The Hobbit Kingdoms on an Android device has these issues (since the last update):
Even if you have a top noch device like Samsung Galaxy S3, you will still have these issues.

– There is a big delay when opening / switching windows, clicking stuff.

– Swipe / slide on the screen are registered as clicks, 90% of the time.

If you go on Google Play and read the latest comments, everyones is complaining about these issues and Kabam isn’t doing anything. They didn’t released an update since 10 days ago and the game is still broken by these issues.
Other users have reported that the game doesn’t have any of these issues on the iOS version.

Other than this, Kabam has hammered the game even more by removing the “Training” button from the bottom bar and the fact that when browsing your in-game e-mails, the back button of your device will not take you to the main menu of the e-mail UI, it will close the e-mail UI. You have to use the top back button to actually go back to the main UI.

Sending an e-mail to Kabam support won’t do anything, I received this message: “Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, this case has been closed.” in like one minute after sending my complains.

Let’s hope that they will fix the game in the next update. Until then, don’t be amazed by the fact that a lot of people will leave the game.