The Hobbit Kingdoms – no training button?


To train troops, you can click on any of your barracks and then on the “train troops” tab.

The old button for training (from the bottom bar) was replaced by the campaign button. A really bad choice because the training button was more useful. Some players don’t even do campaign.

The latest update has brought a few new things. We have that moon that can be clicked. Looks like it works only from your main city (first city). You get this error: “MessagesModal.ACADEMY” if you click the moon from your other cities.

A new “gear button” on the bottom bar. Probably we will see more gear in the near future.

Some graphic changes, new icons, backgrounds.

And the most important change that isn’t available yet, the “alliance boss” (from the campaign button). This feature could be something similar to a World of Warcraft raid. A few players could come up with their highest level hero and a few units, and raid a boss, get gear and rewards.

The downside of the new update is that the game runs really slow now on my Nexus 7 (old version). The tablet was running the game flawless before the Desolation of Smaug update.