Thief (2014) graphic tweaks


These graphic tweaks can help you to play the latest Thief with a decent amount of FPS.

Game’s launcher:

Default maximum resolution.
Vsync: double buffer.

The options from the “graphics” tab are the same with the in-game ones. Don’t bother with them yet.


Field of view: 90.
Preset: custom.
Texture quality: normal.
Texture filtering quality: default.
Shadow quality: low (important option).
Screenspace reflection: on (if you see transparent or matte windows).
Depth-of-field quality: normal.
Parallax occlusion mapping: off.
SSAA: off.
FXAA: off.
Contact hardening shadows: off.
Tessellation: on.

With these settings, I get 35-40 FPS which is pretty decent. My configuration: Intel I3 3GHz, 8 gigabytes RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5670 (1 GB RAM).

How is the game working out for you?