Third party controller emulator: JoyToKey


Here is a small tutorial that will help you to use a controller with any PC game. It doesn’t matter which brand your controller is, Logitech, Speedlink, Hama etc.

What you need is a third party software called “JoyToKey”. Download JoyToKey from here (free mirror), 300kb.

Make sure your controller is installed and running. Plug it in, for Windows 7+ click on Start > write in the search box “joy.cpl”. If you see your controller and it has “ok” at status, it means that it runs fine. If not, download and install some drivers for your controller.

This third party software allows you to emulate the keyboard’s keys to the controller’s keys. It works with any game, I’ve tried it with the latest Metal Gear game and it works fine.


1. Download and run JoyToKey.
2. Make sure your controller is installed and running.
3. Run a game and map your keys from JoyToKey.