Valley of the Four Winds Missing Quests


Normally, the next leveling zone in Pandaria after Jade Forest is “Valley of the Four Winds”. This is for Alliance. Players can get here either by walking from Jade Forest, there is a path in the middle-west zone of the map. Or by finishing the main story quest in Jade Forest.

Valley of the Four Winds is more like a “free zone” where you don’t have to follow a specific quest-line, you can roam the map looking for quests. If you come to the point when you don’t have any quests available marked on the map, you should check the far north-west and south-west areas of the map. There are two quest-hubs there.

You also can return from the east starting point of the map and check for quests that are available.

I had the same problem in this zone, I had no quests on the map and there was one that was unlocking many near the starting area in east.

Valley of the Four Winds map