Zandalari Warbringers loot nerfed?


I’m not 100% sure that they got nerfed but the latest 5 mobs have dropped only one blue bag.

They now usually drop one green bag and a few rep tokens.

Wowhead is displaying that the blue bags have a 30% drop chance now. I remember checking like a month ago and the percent was around 85-90%.

If anyone can confirm this, please leave in the comments.

Blizzard didn’t announced any loot nerf in their patch/fix notes. The blue bags are containing some very valuable items, some having mats worth of over 1k gold.

I think that Blizzard thought that it was unfair for some classes to have the chance to get really rich by farming these mobs. Mages/locks, I think that they don’t stand a chance to solo the Zandalari Warbringers.

Even as a hunter (the class I play), it takes around 15 minutes to solo a Zandalari Warbringer and not every fight is a 100% success, sometimes I die, rarely. 30% drop rate on the blue bags is not worth the time invested anymore.